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Shenzhen Yongchuang Xingsheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of high-quality suppliers and automated products in the industrial automation industry. Our company has a complete pre-sale and after-sale service, technical support and design and development professional team. Chung Chuang's main products and agents are:

Korean WON Linear Guide Brand: Korean WON Brand was established in 1989. It is an enterprise specializing in the development and production of linear guide and rotary bearing with steel balls and rollers as rotating bodies. It is the first time to realize localization of LM axis in China. It also has the ability to analyze rolling and sliding motion and special steel and heat treatment technology. Application technology, ultra-precision processing technology and other WONST unique core technical force. Through this technical force, various products in the field of linear motion system have been localized, and they have become the pioneers of industrial automation components such as semiconductor display manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment, industrial robots, working machinery and various automation equipment. They are considered to be the exclusive representative of Korean linear motion system. Brand.

Yongchuang Science and Technology covers the whole field of motion control in an all-round way. AC/DC servo, stepping motor, linear motor and various supporting drives, reducer, guide screw, multi-axis manipulator, etc. It is an excellent agent of many famous brands in Guangdong Province of China, relying on the accumulation of resources over the years and powerful technology. Team, Chung Chuang Company will be your best partner on the road to success.

Shenzhen Yongchuang Xingsheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has strong strength, high credit, abide by contracts, ensure product quality, and win the trust of customers with the principle of multi-variety management characteristics and small profits and more sales.

WON China Agent: Shenzhen Yongchuang Xingsheng Technology Co., Ltd

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